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Moon/Venus, Mercury/Jupiter on New Year’s Eve

These pictures were shot about 6:40PM EST. The first is the Venus/Moon conjunction. The second I noticed accidentally and as it turns out is a Mercury/Jupiuter conjunction. Pretty neat.

The seeing was terrible… hazy clouds and high humidity. But what else is new? 😉

Mercury and Jupiter appear to be sitting on the power lines. I was on my way to a NYE get-together or I’d have gone out and reshot.

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Venus and Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter

Comet Madness

Greetings, I realize it has been some time… even longer since I’ve had the scope out (almost 2 years!). Hopefully this winter I’ll get to break in the new ETX125.

At any rate, Comet 17P/Holmes got me outside the other night with my tripod mounted Canon EOS 300D. These were the best two of about 20.

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Comet 17P/Holmes

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Comet 17P/Holmes

Moon/Venus Conjuntion

I almost missed this. I was putting the dog out the back door and happened to see it just before it set. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod. Cannon EOS 300D 100-300mm zoom telephoto. 21:42:43 EDT.

ISO 1600 – 2 sec exposure to illuminate the foreground.

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Note the haze and skyglow of the Florida summer as it compares with a similar photo from mid-winter. 🙁