Jupiter Revisited

Since the seeing has been so poor lately and the moon is not rising until after midnight, I thought I’d fool a little with re-processing some of my older images now that I’ve had a bit more experience with it.

Below is an image of Jupiter from my observation run with the Meade LPI on May 6th. I used Lynkeos for the stacking in this instance (see the Software sidebar to the right) averaging about 100 frames. I did some post tweaking in Adobe Photoshop. If you compare this to my earlier image processing attempt (Jupiter Tonight) for this run, you will see I was able to tease out much more contrast and detail here. You will also see I mislabeled the moons in my earlier work as well! DOH!

click for larger

2 thoughts on “Jupiter Revisited”

  1. That is an awsome shot!!.I hope to someday be able to get images of that quality.Keep them coming!!!.

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