Crescent Moon and Venus/Where am I?

Well, so much for my triumphant return to the amateur astronomy blogworld. I would say my observing season is about two-thirds over and I haven’t gotten the new scope out ONCE. It’s not that I don’t want to because I really do, it’s just that I’ve never been so busy with work in my life – that in conjunction with the conspiring elements out to thwart me on the few observing opportunities I do have.

The only thing I can share with you at this time are some photos I took of the crescent Moon and Venus… LAST month (Yes I haven’t even had time until now to post these). I was (of course) on my way out to work right around 7 PM on January 20th and was stopped dead in my tracks by the crescent Moon and Venus hanging low in the West. I ran in and grabbed my camera.

I’m sorry these aren’t annotated on the image.

Both shots are from Saturday January 20th, Canon EOS 300D, 300mm telephoto (balanced on the roof of my van)

f 5.6 shutter: 1.6 sec. ISO: 400

f 4.5 shutter 2.5 sec. ISO: 400

I love my job (and money) so I’m glad to be busy, but I’m really jonesing for “a fix” with the scope!

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