My Observing Gear

Updated June 13, 2005

Meade ETX-90AT
Design: Maksutov-Cassegrain
Focal Length, Ratio: 1250mm f/13.8
Limiting Visual Stellar Magnitude: 11.7
Maximum Practical Visual Power: 325X
#497 Autostar Controller

ScopeTronix ETX Accessory Tray
ScopeTronix Flexi-Focus (replaced with Meade #1244 Electric Focuser)
Meade #673 Dewshield for ETX-90
Meade #825 8x25mm Right Angle View Finder (replacing stock 8x21mm straight view finder)

ScopeTronix Thread On Solar Filter (Class A JMB filter)
ScopeTronix 1.25" Moon Filter
Celestron Light Pollution Reduction (LPR) Filter

Meade 26mm Super Plössl
Meade Series 4000 9.7mm Super Plössl
ScopeTronix 40mm ST Series Plössl
Meade #126 2x Short Barlow Lens
ScopeTronix 3x Barlow Lens

Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI)
Olympus D-460ZOOM Digital Camera
ScopeTronix Digi-T Kit for Olympus D450/D460
Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel
– Meade #64 T-Adapter (for ETX)
Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000
ScopeTronix Webcam Adapter #2

Meade #884 Deluxe Field Tripod for the ETX
Meade #772 Carry Bag for Deluxe Field Tripod
Meade #541 AC Power Adapter
Mini Maglite® Flashlight 2-Cell AA (red lens)
ScopeTronix 4 in 1 Multi-Mate compass/level
Apple Macintosh iBook 1.2 Ghz G4

DarkAdaptedX – A gamma control application program to modify your screen gamma settings so that you may preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer.
EquinoX – A powerful shareware astronomy program for OS X.
Keith’s AstroImager – A webcam capture program with utilities that are specifically useful for astrophotography.
Keith’s Image Stacker – An image processing program for frame stacking.
Lynkeos – An application for processing astronomical (mainly planetary) image stacks.
SN9C102 Webcam Driver OSX 1.0 (with WebCam Monitor app to drive the LPI without the Autostar Suite)
Starry Night Pro 5 – Advanced astronomy software.
UTC Display X – Universal Time is displayed in an unobtrusive display window, and/or in the Mac OS X dock icon.

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