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Your age on other worlds

Neat Javascript that calculates your age in years on each of the planets of the solar system. There’s also a little history about the formation of Kepler’s Laws of Orbital Motion. Nice little Gee Whiz! web page.

Try it: Want to melt those years away? Travel to an outer planet!


Kepler Telescope launch from my front yard

I grabbed the camcorder last night and went out to watch the launch of NASA’s Kepler Telescope from my front yard located about 150 miles west-southwest of the Cape Canaveral. To my eyes the engine glow was quite red (atmospheric effect?). It was very clear and dark so there is nothing in the way of skyglow to put the image in perspective. I zoomed out and fiddled with the gamma a bit to try and give some.

At any rate, here it is. This was definitely one of those launches that looked ALOT better to the maked eye from my location and didn’t transfer well to video.

NASA’s Kepler Launch (from my front yard) 
(launches on YouTube in a new window)

 If you missed the NASA TV coverage, I’ve mirrored it here.