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NASA delays shuttle landing because of weather

NASA has waved off the first landing opportunity of space shuttle Discovery because of weather.

The next landing opportunity at Kennedy Space Center in Florida is at 10:23 a.m. ET

via CNN


The space shuttle Discovery will not land today. The last landing attempt for Kennedy will take place tomorrow at 7:34 a.m, then it’s on to plan B – Edwards Air Force Base in California.

UPDATE: She’s home!

STS131 Discovery Launch Plume

This is the launch plume from the recent shuttle launch STS-131 Discovery just before sunrise. I of course missed what was a freaking amazing launch from my vantage point in the Tampa Bay area but about 30 minutes after the launch I went outside and saw this. It’s amazing how the upper level winds distort rocket exhaust and how long it lasts on some occasions. It was an amazing sight in the rising sun.

You can click through for the HD version!