Moon Landing Hoax

I was just watching Conspiracy Moon Landing on the National Geographic Channel (don’t ask me why… I was bored I guess) and it just kind of underscored something I’ve always known anyway. To be perfectly candid, if you subscribe to the notion that the moon landings were faked in any way, shape or form… you are quite honestly an ignorant boob.

There is really nothing else that needs be said. That’s it… no discussion required. You are an ignorant, STUPID, pathetic boob.

PS – For crying out loud take a freakin’ shower once in a while and get yourself to a dentist.

End of lesson.

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  1. About a year ago (in the UK) there was a documentary which did a fairly thorough debunking of the lunar conspiracy documentary. They interviewed the laser ranging people who make use of the corner-cube reflectors that the Apollo astronauts left on the surface. They talked to people at Jodrell Bank (radio observatory in the UK) which independently tracked the Apollo lander. They also talked to a lot of other scientists who all provided evidence that the landings did happen.

  2. They spoke with those folks from Jodrell Bank on this program as well. They discussed independently monitoring the Apollo conversations and they also showed a plot (which I presume was built from frequency Doppler shifts) of the Eagle lander’s decent phase. This plot included the “hump” where Armstrong assumed manual and momentarily climbed the spacecraft to avoid a rubble-strewn crater and land further downrange.

    Although it made me quite mad (apparently) the show was quite good at debunking most of the conspiracy points I’ve ever heard through actual experiment and recreation.

    Additionally — and this is my own observation — in light of the sheer amount of data, media and hardware, it really would have been alot easier (and less expensive) TO JUST GO TO THE MOON… than to fake it.

  3. The Jodrell Bank plot is from frequency Doppler shifts and is on the wall in the Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre cafe for all to see!

  4. your all idiots, If the moon landing was real why don’t we do it again and plus you can just look at the ship you can tell its just some kind of movie made up scientific futuristic wannabe space craft that doesnt even look as if it could do anything except float up when up when being being pulled by strings r-tards.

  5. The Russians never protested and they had spy satalites watching us they wanted to get to the moon just as bad

  6. Whats the point of faking it? Other than political, there were none. We should give thanks to all the people who gave their lives in the Apollo missions, and those who were brave enough to break the tethers of Earth for so long..

  7. both arguments soung good in principal, but man landing on the moon leans much more to the bs side

  8. Sorry for the ad hominem but it is the only conclusion I have since the conspiracy theorists dismiss all empirical evidence of a moon landing. I believe the moon hoax “theorists” (theory as in the layman’s term, not a scientifically sound theory) suffer from a mild form of retardation.

  9. EF – “a mild form of retardation” That was priceless… for some reason I didn’t see this comment until now. Made my day.

  10. O.K. I agree it would take more effort to cover up fake landings than it would to just do it. But here is the thing I have never been able to get past (and I haven’t ever seen or heard anyone else mention it): The USA’s first satellite went up in January of 1958. I think it was about the size of a basketball. Eleven and a half years later, not only to we put several men on the moon, we bring them back, no problem. To me this seems like going from Kitty Hawk to a 747 in 11 1/2 years. Or going from a Muntz 6″ TV to a Sony 60″ LCD in 11 1/2 years. Am I the only one that is befuddled by this?

  11. That’s a good point, but consider these things;

    1. It was a matter of national pride… WE WERE GOING TO BEAT THE RUSSIANS no matter what the cost. NASA (and the country) was dedicated to making this happen.
    2. Money was no object. The entire country was behind this and the coiffures were wide open.
    3. Risk could be taken then that just couldn’t happen these days with our alarmist mentality and sensationalist media.

    That’s just off the top of my head. It’s not so far fetched

  12. “coiffures were wide open” – did the nations hairstylists fund the Apollo missions? Thought the conspiracy theories were daft, but this…..,

  13. LOL. OMG… the conspiracy is true!!! All because my spell checker chose “coiffures” instead “coffers.” You hear that NASA? … we’re on to you!!!

  14. Could the confusion be due to the fact both points of view are correct? We did go to moon, collect rocks, set up the mirrors, etc. BUT we also produced fake pictures, movies etc on the (I’ve heard 50/50) chance that the astro’s didn’t make it. If they had died on the way to the moon the pics would have been used and the claim made they died on the return leaving the U.S. with bragging rights as the fist on the moon. Very important at that time in history. Are hoaxers failing to realize that evidence of fakery in the photos prove only that photos were faked, not the trip itself.

  15. Getting to the moon carried no real practical benifit beyond demonstrating the United States supposed technological prowess. It’s largely an emotional argument. On the one side you have the “rah, rah, rah” go team USA pro-Apollo cheerleaders. On the other side the skeptics. As I recall the USA took a winner take all approach during the Cuban Missile Crisis only to get caught with its pants down many years later as it admitted to withdrawling its missiles from Turkey after the fact. My recommendation is that this lofty self image of the US is largely manufactured.

  16. I want to believe the astronauts. I remember reading a book many years ago, can’t recall the name, but we all know every time the government is asked they say “No no, never heard of no aliens or UFO’s or whatnot. Nope, not.” According to this mysterious book I can’t remember the name of, (just look through them all, it’s in there somewhere) The astronauts, all but one said, “We saw unfamiliar and unexplainable things, UFO’s, every time we went up.” So to me, government lies. Astronauts, maybe hopefully, please, not as much.

  17. I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. 50 Billion it cost the tax payer to go to the moon and that was in 1969.

    And we ain’t been back since the 1970’s, or no other country as attempted to go even though technology has dramatically advanced in the last 30 odd years.

    Sorry like, but I think it’s bull squirts.

    A bit like when the Astronauts got asked about UFO’s etc, and they all said they didn’t see zip, but now the likes of Edgar Mitchell is saying he knows that the UFO’s do exist and Buzz is saying they seen UFO’s on the way to the moon.

    Funny how they all of sudden start saying this 30 years later.

    Can’t wait for one of these old fuckers to blow the whistle about not going to the moon… Be funny as fuck to see the Apollogists get out of that one.

  18. japan has sent a ship to the moon JAXA/NHK,to take close up pictures and collect soil samples,its still taking pictures as we speek,ok,i know what your gonna ask and no foget about finding the lunor landings or matching rock samples to apollos samples.heres why,last night i was reading about the JAXA ship they sent to the moon and guess what i found out?a NASA sponsored intrument called the MOON MINERALOGY MAPPER will ride along side the JAXA ship,it will have a infrared spectrome tellescope,to survey the lunar terrain,HMMM why do they need to ride along?TO COVER THERE TRACKS,heres might idea of how this mess can be solved ship they send to the moon ,have a device that measures the amount of radiation,if the readings are off the wall ,or way to hi for living things to pass then CASE CLOSE.if it happend,they whould have space stations set up by now and the rich whould fly round trip flights to the moon

  19. Wow. First off, nice blog, good stuff. I stumbled in looking for iSight to telescope info and how I ended up in here I dunno, but I love it! I love that the debate lingers, I love that it lingers after all these years. The only sad part of the argument is, when the proof is made that we did land on the moon, and it will be, Be it by probe, the next landing ( 2020 I believe ) or some scientist who goes off his rocker and grabs one of these nay-sayer-knuckleheads my the scruff of his or her neck, aims the HUBBLE at the moon landing site and says SEE FOR DAMN YOURSELF ( and they still won’t believe ) but when there is indisputable proof what will they say? “Oh?” I can’t get any satisfaction out of “Oh?” man! If you believe the moon landing was a hoax, get ready for gloating of an epic proportion! I have no plans to “look at it the other way, when you are proved wrong, we’re gonna gloat even bigger” argument because THAT will only make my epic gloating even,…ehhh,…epicer haha! Allow me to point this out, I may even blog about it myself cuz it’s bugged me. How come in the say 1950’s thru the 80’s give or take we had a TON of bad 8mm film or grainy photos of pie pans, I mean UFO’s – we had TONS of media! Now everyone has a phone with a camera, a lot of folks have camcorders that are hi-res, HD, even VHS shot good. But the amount of “believable” imagery has dropped DRAMATICALLY! Side note: I love the people who shoot their own camera’s internal iris and think it’s a fuzzy UFO! lol Or the flares – I mean the 2 MILE FREAKIN’ LONG ufo over Phoenix. If it hung there so long while shooting video, you mean you couldnt call a buddy downtown, or the cops and say – “hey bud, go outside and look up. 2 miles of alien technology is buzzin the crib!” It’s NOT original but really, don’t discuss UFO’s until you fully,…hear it, FULLY understand distances in space. And if “they” are advanced, then they’d be smart enough to avoid humans like the plague. Hell, a pack of us don’t believe we landed on our own moon, they’d think we were nuts. One can hope and dream that there are UFO’s and if there are, please for the love of god and for our gene pool – please abduct as many of these moon hoax believers as you can fit on the saucer.

    Thank you that is all. Over.

  20. Of course we’ve never landed on the moon. America uses cinematography on a regular basis to rewrite history in it’s favour. In 1969 film media was used to create it instead. If Armstrong really had made that small step onto the lunar surface we would know that it really is made of cheese. The game is up, so do the honourable thing and admit it

  21. Oh, forgot to mention, any fool knows that the moon is round, cos you can see that it is just by looking at it. So how come in all the Nasa photos the ground the astronauts are standing on is flat?
    – Got you with that one haven’t I!

  22. Why did Russians never complained about the fictious US landing on the moon? Or we dont know? What the US gov. told about that? Why did not anyone ( incl USA, SSSR or JPN ++ ) tried it out later? They (US)are still having a lot of trouble of launching Discovery , but are using Russian rockets when it comes to the LifeImportance missions to get help to the astros in space station. Lots of illogical stuff in a clear scientific world that should be very logical.

    Looking daily all that and simmilar type of program at Discovery and a-like channells (spec. now when they bombarding people with s.c. Moon Landing daily…), but I still dont believe in that. Sorry.

  23. Hey Graham,
    The earth is round too, dumbass. I suppose you’re walking up and down the apparent curve of the earth all day? And do you see it now?

    I suppose those who willingly believe the “evidence-based” arguments of the guy who lives in the trailer in New Mexico with his 200 cats has something missing in their analytic thinking abilities. Like say, a third grade education in basic science.

  24. Space shuttle program should be renamed: Low Earth Orbit Program
    The moon is over 240,000 miles away in space.
    Hubble Telescope and Space station are in low earth orbit or 200 miles away.
    Name one time that we have been out of “Low Earth Orbit” other that the
    “moon missions”.
    If we could we would. But we cant.
    Wake up and think for yourself!

  25. Hmmm, I thought of “ONE” other time…

    Cassini – NASA/European Space Agency Mission to Saturn (1997)
    Chandrayaan-1 – ISRO (India) Orbiter to the Moon (2007)
    Chang’e 1 – CAST (China) Orbiter to the Moon (2007)
    Clementine – DoD/NASA Lunar Mapping Mission (1994)
    CONTOUR – NASA Fly-by Mission to three Comet Nuclei (2002)
    Dawn – NASA Asteroid Ceres and Vesta Orbiter (2007)
    Deep Impact – NASA Rendezvous and Impact with Comet Tempel 1 (2005)
    Deep Space 1 (DS1) – NASA Flyby Mission to asteroid 1992 KD (1998)
    Deep Space 2 – NASA Penetrator Mission to Mars (1999)
    Galileo – NASA Mission to Jupiter (1989)
    Genesis – NASA Solar Wind Sample Return (2001)
    Giotto – ESA Mission to Comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup (1985)
    Hayabusa (Muses-C) – ISAS (Japan) Sample Return Mission to Asteroid Itokawa (2003)
    Hiten – ISAS Flyby and Orbiter Mission to the Moon (1990)
    Huygens – NASA/European Space Agency Mission to Saturn’s satellite Titan (1997)
    ICE (ISEE-3) – NASA Mission to Comet Giacobini-Zinner (1978)
    Kaguya (SELENE) – JAXA (Japan) Orbiter to the Moon (2007)
    Luna – Soviet Lunar Missions (1959 – 1976)
    Lunar Orbiter – NASA Lunar Mapping Missions (1966 – 1967)
    Lunar Prospector – NASA Global Orbiter Mission to the Moon (1998)
    Magellan – NASA Venus Radar Mapping Mission (1989)
    Mariner 2 – NASA Venus flyby (1962)
    Mariner 4 – NASA Mars flyby (1964)
    Mariner 5 – NASA Venus flyby (1967)
    Mariner 6 – NASA Mars flyby (1969)
    Mariner 7 – NASA Mars flyby (1969)
    Mariner 9 – NASA Mars orbiter (1971)
    Mariner 10 – NASA Mission to Venus and Mercury (1973)
    Mars Climate Orbiter – NASA Orbiter Mission to Mars (1998)
    Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity – NASA Rover Mission to Mars (2003)
    Mars Exploration Rover Spirit – NASA Rover Mission to Mars (2003)
    Mars Express – ESA Mars Orbiter and Lander (2003)
    Mars Global Surveyor – NASA Global Orbiter Mission to Mars (1996)
    Mars Observer – NASA Mission to Mars (1992)
    2001 Mars Odyssey – NASA Orbiter Mission to Mars (2001)
    Mars Pathfinder – NASA Environmental Survey Mission to Mars (1996)
    Mars Polar Lander – NASA Lander Mission to Mars (1999)
    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – NASA Orbiter Mission to Mars (2005)
    Mars 96 – Russian Orbiter and Lander Mission to Mars (1996)
    MESSENGER – NASA Orbiter to Mercury (2004)
    NEAR – NASA Rendezvous Mission to Near-Earth Asteroid (1996)
    New Horizons – NASA Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby (2006)
    Nozomi (Planet-B) – ISAS (Japan) Orbiter Mission to Mars (1998)
    Phobos – Soviet Missions to Mars (1988)
    Pioneer Venus – NASA Orbiter/Probes to Venus (1978)
    Pioneer 10 – NASA Jupiter flyby (1972)
    Pioneer 11 – NASA Jupiter flyby (1973)
    Ranger – NASA Lunar Impact Missions (1964 – 1965)
    Rosetta – ESA Rendezvous Mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (2004)
    Sakigake – Japanese ISAS mission to Comet Halley (1985)
    SMART 1 – ESA Orbiter to the Moon (2003)
    Stardust – NASA Coma Sample Return Mission to Comet P/Wild 2 (1999)
    Suisei – Japanese ISAS mission to Comet Halley (1985)
    Surveyor – NASA Lunar Lander Missions (1966 – 1968)
    Ulysses – NASA/ESA Mission to study the solar wind via Jupiter (1990)
    Vega 1 – Soviet mission to Venus and Comet Halley (1984)
    Vega 2 – Soviet mission to Venus and Comet Halley (1984)
    Venera – Soviet Missions to Venus (1967 – 1983)
    Venus Express – ESA Orbiter to Venus (2005)
    Viking – NASA Orbiters/Landers to Mars (1975)
    Voyager – NASA Missions to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and beyond (1977)
    Zond – Soviet Lunar Missions (1965 – 1970)

  26. Its the americans fault. They spend so much money building and researching the rockets and spaceships but then got some crappy cameras to film it.
    The videos of the moon while in orbit are laughable, it really all looks like a fake.
    I have grown dreaming with space travel, that humans would some day conquer space like they once conquered the sea.
    Man, for me this computer which I am using now is already made using mindblowing technology. I really dont see any problem in going to the moon with the budget the americans have.
    But look at the submarines that go deep to the bottom of the sea and take videos of the underwater chimmneys. That looks awesome.
    And yet the moon videos look simply like a fake.
    I´m being very sincere now people, I really dont know if the thing was true or not…


  27. I’ve just read this interesting series of arguments about the Moon landing hoax. I’m not going to waste time trying to convince nay-sayers or denialists that Apollo-11 landed on and that Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, because they don’t want to believe it. I’ve never been sure why, but it must say more about their psychological state of mind. They seem so small-minded, unable to grasp the fact that others may be clever enough and brave enough to achieve what so many of us cannot; people like this are intellectual ninnies! It also struck me that a substantial proportion of the denialists was unable to spell or write grammatical English or American (there are minor differences in spelling and usage). A substantial proportion of denialists felt necessary to use the F-word, which says a lot for their intelligence. I’m surprised that they didn’t type their comments in UPPER CASE, as all good Internet hoaxers do. As a Brit, I don’t like everything the Americans have done, but the Apollo landings, 11 – 17, were a great achievement and the astronauts and all at NASA deserve credit for it and not continual brickbats from little Moaning Minnies.

  28. I loved Rob’s list of “one other time”!

    Further to my previous remarks, no one has mentioned the enormous complexity of managing a project of this nature. Everything, all the millions of components and processes have to be researched, designed, manufactured, brought together, fitted and made to work, or at least tested out to ensure that they will probably work when they are supposed to and all on time. Equipment that was selected at the beginning of the design process had to be “fitted in” and other equipment designed around it. It was an integrated process; everything affected everything else. Radical changes to replace an item with an upgraded version would mean a massive redesign process, rippling out from the item changed, with costly delays. The TV cameras, the doubters’ big issue were a case in point. When they were selected, they weren’t “crappy”, but cutting edge technology of their time. More advanced cameras came along in the wake of subsequent developments, but too late to introduce into the early phases of the programme. The onboard computers, which controlled just about everything, from the command and lunar modules down to the engines, were another case. True, they were very limited, but to change them, even after developments had made them outdated, would have required such a radical redesign of the entire system as to be unthinkable. Any engineer knows this. Unfortunately, we live in a world where Star Trek, Star Wars and computer games are more real to many people than Apollo and certainly more real than science. I loved the programmes, but they were always hokum, good stories, Hollywood escapism, but nothing more. They had one benefit though – for many kids they sparked an interest in physics and astronomy – in the real universe and many of those kids are now grown up and in the forefront of their fields. The operative words there are “grown up”.

    It’s also just occurred to me that the nay-sayers are potential management material – “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!” What a terrifying prospect, that such sad people could maybe some day come to power and lead society!

  29. Hi all of you, I was used to watch Discovery Channel too, up until I discovered that it propagates the views of the shadow élite and thus FALSE views. All of you, be very careful. Inquire for yourself on the internet (there’s no other way). I think the moon landings were fake, I believed they were real until 2 days ago. Seek on youtube the words “moon hoax wires”, for exemple. Or other documentaries on youtube. Do it. And post here your reactions.

  30. “What a terrifying prospect, that such sad people (the hoax believers) could some day come to power and lead society!” above by Bob O (UK)

    I have a message to u Bob O (UK).
    Right now the people in the power (politicians, scientists etc) all believe in the Moon landings. And look at the awful mass they are making out of our societies: debts we can never pay back, expensive and inefficient government programs we can not continue to finance. U guys have nothing to brag about.

    By the way true, the photos are fake and still they could have been on the Moon. But together with the fact that the Moon rocks are also fake starts to look like they have never made it to the Moon.

    How do we know that the Moon rocks are fake?
    Cause NASA Moon rocks are the same as the rocks from the Antarctica that originate from the Moon. I.e.: NASA went to the Antarctica and collected some rocks that originated from the Moon, then they sold it to the mesmerized and mass-hypnotized public as rocks taken back by Astronauts who never left Earth’s orbit.
    If the rocks were really from the Moon, then the first scientific comparison would have had to be a scientific (chemical/crystallographic) analyses including a comparison with Antarctic originating Moon rocks. Such a study has never been published and probably never been carried out.
    And such it turns out that people who believe in the Moon landings do so only because their knowledge of science is rather limited.


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