Weasner’s iSight Astrophotography Page

Being a Mac user and an iSight owner I was very excited to find this, Weasner’s iSight Astrophotography Page.

The iSight is a fantastic and versatile quality firewire camera and until now there has been (and continues to be officially) no retail device to mate it to a telescope. Apparently this person has stumbled upon a simple method already available to most of us ETX owners whose scope arrived with the stock 26mm eyepiece!

I can’t wait to try this in the coming cooler months.

Here is an image I snapped of the moon last week that I keep meaning to post. It was taken with my new Canon Digital Rebel with a 300mm telephoto. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I’ve already got my t-rings for this camera (actually it’s the main reason I’m building a counter weight system) and it’s on my list of things to try out this fall!

click for larger

Lastly, Perseids were a bust. I saw nothing over 40 minutes during the local peak. I had high hopes as the Perseids of a few years back were simply inspirational. Ah well, nothing ventured. I can sleep anytime right?

3 thoughts on “Weasner’s iSight Astrophotography Page”

  1. Where did you get the T rings? I got the same camera a couple of months ago and might start using it if the SAC 10 doesn’t ship pretty soon.

  2. I have made isight adapters for various eyepieces. I turn them on a lathe from delrin. Funny, I think the first one I made for my ETX eyepiece.

    I’ve also made adapters for various digicams to fit eyepieces.

    I’m willing to make more.


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