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Pluto in a Minute (w/Amy Shira Teitel)

At this point this is sort of a recap, but here is a playlist of the NASA New Horizons “Pluto in a Minute” series hosted by Amy Shira Teitel. Her energy is infectious and I would love to see NASA continue to employ her as the public envoy of ALL future endeavors. Enjoy!

Made with only 100% all-natural REAL space footage!

The footage in this video is derived from image sequences from NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions.
The song is The Cinematic Orchestra -That Home (Instrumental).

Outer Space from Sander van den Berg on Vimeo.

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

A breathtaking LIVE view of Earth from the ISS in HD!

It’s been up and down. I think they’re still working the bugs out. Read about the project at NASA – High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV).

Live streaming video by Ustream

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