Two Degrees pt II

The clouds gave me little break after midnight and I was ready to go with the camera on the tripod with the telephoto attached. I took about 3 dozen pictures at different settings in order to have the best chance of getting the “money shot.” The reason I do this is because I’m framing and focusing the old fashioned way, through the view finder. After each shot I get a few seconds of the image on the LCD but it’s basically meaningless in low light or astronomical applications. The proof is when you pack it up and go view the shots at the computer.

I got ONE shot…

click for larger

What impresses me more (ok so I’m easily impressed) are the features visible on the moon. Here is that same shot with Mars cropped out and a section along the western limb of the Moon near Grimaldi crater enhanced.

click for larger

Lastly, (again from the same shot) the moon at full resolution from the camera.

I remind you this is not a telescope but a 6 MP digital SLR with a 100-300 zoom telephoto. I REALLY need to get my act together and get the counter-weight system for my telescope built so I can attach this baby to my ETX90!

2 thoughts on “Two Degrees pt II”

  1. Hey Rob

    You definitely got some sweet shots of the event! I especially like the “blow out” of the moon where you show some nice detail along the upper edge of the moon itself. Very nice. I took some wider angle shots… but haven’t gotten around to posting them yet :-\
    Anyway… nice site also!


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