December 05 Desktop Images

These desktop images are at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 — which is what I run on my Apple Cinema Display. Click on an image and after it loads, right-click it to save it to your desktop.


These images may have been light/color enhanced and/or sharpened in accordance with my own personal aesthetic ideas and should not be used for scientific purposes requiring raw image data.

Hubble Images & Misc Mars

061302 2001-10-a
2003-24-a 2003-28-a
2005-01-a 2005-11-a
2005-20-a 2005-30-a
crab galaxy
helix hudf
s109e5707 mars_hst_big
10-jg-04-hills-a074r1 pia07855_plusrover-a667r1
pia07997_plusrover-a667r1 vikinglander2-2

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