Moon/Venus Conjunction on Feb 27th

Once again I was on my way out at the right time and noticed this pairing in the sky. You’d think I’d be more informed right? So I ran back in and grabbed the camera for a few shots.

Moon/Venus on February 27, 2009

2 Responses to “Moon/Venus Conjunction on Feb 27th”

  • a. h. williams says:

    WASN’T that fantastic… at my age
    I wonder if this has been happening
    all along.. and I just missed it…
    In these troubled times… I watch
    the skies more..for a little comfort
    and unending… cloud formations..
    some just white on a blue sky..others
    with multi-colors…I started, with
    my Mother, many many years
    the north… night walks in an open space…no bright observe the various pictures the moon, stars
    and clouds painted for us… also
    at that time was blessed with color,
    from the blast furnaces… that are
    now silenced…

  • dr’s another conjunction just yesterday…may 16,2010..

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