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Looks like Comet ISON Lives!

Looks like Comet ISON (or a portion of it anyway) has survived the closest approach in its “sungrazing” orbit.

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Outside In – Space Film Movie – for Giant Screen & IMAX™ theaters

Here is a flight through the Saturnian system from the eye of the Cassini probe! These guys are putting together a full IMAX rez film from from NASA stills. Again as with my last post, you must watch this 2 minute preview in full-screen HD… astounding! Find out more about this film here.

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

Posted on YouTube by yesterday2221.
This is crazy. I recommend you watch it full-screen in 1080p!

STS 131 Discovery – Prep to space in 4 minutes!

From Air & Space Magazine May 17, 2010:

In this unique time-lapse video created from thousands of individual frames, photographers Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman and Philip Scott Andrews condense six weeks of painstaking work into three minutes, 52 seconds. The action starts in the hangar-like Orbiter Processing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where Discovery has been outfitted for its STS-131 mission. The vehicle is then towed to the 525-foot-high Vehicle Assembly Building, hoisted into a vertical position and lowered onto its external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters. Then it’s off to the pad on the giant Mobile Launcher Platform, where the shuttle is encased in its protective Rotating Service Structure until just before launch on April 5, 2010. The film ends with a glimpse of Discovery and the STS-131 astronauts coming in for a landing 15 days later, back in Florida where it all started.


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