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The Moe-oo

If you read this post from a few days ago First Session of 2006, you’ll see I mention how one of the first things my son learned to say and identify by pointing was the Moon. I found the video we took of that night — December 26, 2003. Let me set the stage…

My wife had gone to Target (department store) and when returning to the car my one and a half year old son kept saying Moe… Moo… Moow… Moew… Mow… When she finally turned to see what he was talking about he was pointing at the Moon in the sky. To this point he had not ever pointed at anything before and since he was late to begin talking we had been kind of worried about autism and such things.

At any rate when my wife came home she called me outside and told me to bring the video camera. Maybe I’m biased (OK, I KNOW I am) but this is so cute!

You’ll need Apple – QuickTime to view this movie file.

Ryan’s Moon Movie