Hurricane? Monsoon?

Nope just another rainy day in Florida. 4 – 12 inches worth… in one day! Geographically I’m about smack in the middle of all these locations. Fortunately I live in the highest part of my area, a staggering 50 feet above sea level. LOL! Still, after all the top soil had washed out of my back yard it damed up just under my yard gate and put about 4 inches of water in my garage and laundry room. Sigh. No serious damage done.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane? Monsoon?”

  1. We had a rain storm that dumped 11.5″ in 2 days time.Other parts of the state recieved over 15″ in the same time period which unfortunatly,broke several dams and destroyed half of a town SW of where I live.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Actually,the rain we got was in October.I failed to mention that.
    So,like Matt says….stay dry!!!

  3. Wow,sounds like a rubber raft may be needed for observing.Hope your backyard didn’t float away!!.

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