Moon Mar 6, 2006

I dragged all my accouterments out last night to image the Moon with the Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI). I took about a dozen movies and got SQUAT. I was pretty disappointed needless to say. It wasn’t a total bust however and just before retiring for the evening I attached the Canon OES 300D and got a decent shot of the 43% illuminated Moon. The focus is a tiny bit off but nonetheless it is all I accomplished.

click for larger

I was particularly struck by the different surface coloration’s between Mares Serenitatis and Tranquillitatis. I’d never really noticed that before.

Believe it or not the mosquitos were already out and biting. They seem to absolutely LOVE the red glow of the LCD screen on my iBook. Fortunately I keep the repellent with my observing gear because that’s usually the only time I’m retarded enough to be out there with the them.

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