Florida Fires

Just checking in. I haven’t not been able to take the scope out in quite some time due the heat, humidity and drought conditions we are experiencing here currently. I am however looking into some other Terragen Mars locations and I’ve finally had time to read a book I’d received last Christmans — “Coming of Age in the Milky Way” by Timothy Ferris. GREAT book! More on that when I finish it.

Here’s a look at today’s Florida fire data from the NOAA Satellite and Information System’s SSD Fire Detection Program. Fortunately for me I have not been in any danger as I live in a more urbanized area on the west coast east of I-275. The dots indicate fires while the large gray areas depict smoke coverage.

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  1. You can have the rain we’re having if you want. I’ve been trying to get a glimpse of Comet 73P for ages.

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