Moon/Venus Conjuntion

I almost missed this. I was putting the dog out the back door and happened to see it just before it set. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod. Cannon EOS 300D 100-300mm zoom telephoto. 21:42:43 EDT.

ISO 1600 – 2 sec exposure to illuminate the foreground.

click for larger

Note the haze and skyglow of the Florida summer as it compares with a similar photo from mid-winter. 🙁

6 thoughts on “Moon/Venus Conjuntion”

  1. It really looks very beautiful.
    But would it be possible, the moon colliding into Venus? I mean, even if the moon is on its axis toward Venus, it would be to far away for them to crash together… right?

  2. He may or may not be joking. But it would be most useful to assume he’s not and answer him: The alignment is only along the up-down and left-right dimentions. The remaining dimension, near-far, is only apparent for a few miles at the very best and only ten meters or so for ones binocular vision. The minimal Moon-Venus distance along that line is tens of millioms of kilometers

  3. I hear the moon is still made of cheese,got any wine.Lol.I’d be more concerened with the coming near earth orbit of Nibiru, dec.21,2012

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