While I’ve got it set up pt. 2

As I indicated in the previous post I began the night with the Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI). Here are the results of that effort. None of these stacks really blows me away, and I’d consider maybe 2 of them decent shots (060206_MoonLPI1010 is perhaps my favorite aesthetically speaking). You can see for yourself.

All of these shots are stacks of over 100 — some of the better ones approaching 300. As I went through these (frame by frame) the point was driven home to me just how much my atmosphere sucks. At 10 frames/sec I was still throwing out maybe 15 of 20 frames due to the smearing effects of heat driven turbulence.

The final image at the bottom of this set is an assemblage of 3 images taken around the general location where I took the most shots — major landmarks are labeled.

5 thoughts on “While I’ve got it set up pt. 2”

  1. Still better than anything I have gotten so far!.I grabbed one for my desk top.Hope you don’t mind?!.

  2. Thx guys.

    LPOD? You think? All the images I’ve seen on there are simply breathtaking compared to what I’ve done.

    “Good Lord willin'” I’ll try again tonight. A cold front came through and it’s been in the 50s for 2 days now. Hopefully the atmosphere will be more stable now than Monday.

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