Terragen: Olympus Mons for real

Ok, in our last episode I presented what will henceforth be known as my “Pitiful Rendering of a Flight Over Olympus Mons. For those of you that didn’t see it for one reason or another here is a frame of the animation depicting Olympus Mons on Mars:

click for larger

Yes it’s that lightly shaded pancake in the middle. Well as I mentioned in that post the scale was a little off and I could have done a better job with the terrain texture…

I think I got it now… 😉

click for larger

The cratering and surface striations are all correctly depicted now. As it took over 20 minutes to render this one image there won’t be a fly over anytime soon. I’m looking into creating a render farm with my 4 Macs running OS X. It’s built into every modern Macintosh with a technology called Xgrid. I’ve already been able to get the Macs working together but the problem I’m having is getting Terragen to recognize and utilize the cluster.

Ah well… cloudy night activities.

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  1. Is their a Terragen program for dummies?.I think I would like to learn how to create landscapes like these.

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