Waxing Crescent March 2nd

I managed to pull the scope out for a few minutes the other evening and snap a few shots with the Canon EOS 300D. I got one that came out fairly decent. Didn’t bother to align or plug in the clock drive. The Moon was approximately 10% illuminated.

5 thoughts on “Waxing Crescent March 2nd”

  1. That’s very nice, Good crisp craters and some good lava rilles. Espceailly so for an unguided inage at low elevation. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Rob,

    That’s a really nice crisp picture of the Moon. Like you I have an ETX 90 and a Canon EOS 300D. I get a bit of mirror shake which blurs my images slightly though. Have you hacked the Canon to get mirror lock up or is it like it was off the shelf.

  3. As far as I can tell the Canon is spot on. The main problem I have is that even with counter-weights, the action of the shutter causes the ETX90 to “bounce” in the Alt axis. It seems to get more pronounced the higher in the sky the scope is aimed (which doesn’t make sense to me) and it drives me nuts. Any suggestions?

    I’m trying to save some money for a Supercharge, but with my limited observing “season” and generally poor conditions ALL the time, it’s hard to justify to the boss (my wife). 😉

  4. Interesting. It might be that my ETX is causing the problem not the camera. I have noticed that blurring is most prominent in longer exposures of the Moon. As for the mount I’m at a loss for suggestions, because you are already using counter weights. I’m from Britain so I don’t have an observing season at all!! :-(. What we need is a nice site in a desert!

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